Ads from the Olympics Workshop

We had a great time on Tuesday night discussing our favorite commercials from the London games!  A big thanks goes out to instructor Adam Avant for leading the discussion and giving some great insights about the ads.  In case you missed it, here are the spots we watched:

Coca-Cola: Move to the Beat

BP: Fueling the Future & Here’s to the Home Team

Ryan Lochte AT&T ad: Luck Didn’t Get Me to London, I Swam Here

Morgan Freeman/Michael Phelps Visa ad: One Hundreth of a Second

AT&T: 24 Hour Olympic Challenge

Adidas: Take the Stage

Nike: Find Your Greatness

Ragu: Long Day of Childhood

Proctor & Gamble: Best Job

A few other topics we looked at:

The “Animal Practice” monkey ad, shown after Gabby Douglas’ Olympic gold shows the importance of ad placement and how the network, NBC, was perceived.

Michael Phelps Luis Vuitton print ad photos:
Controversy over Phelps and olympic athletes participating in marketing campaigns due to a new rule introduced this year called Rule 40 which prohibits the athletes from doing advertising during a certain time period.

The London Olympics was more social than ever! Need visual proof?

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