YoDawgs Percentage Night 9/24

yo_dawgs UGA AdClub will be hosting its first Percentage Night on Tuesday, September 24th, at Yo Dawgs from 7:00pm-10:00pm. Yo Dawgs is located on Baxter, and we encourage you all to attend since this will take the place of our weekly meeting. A portion of your purchase goes to UGA AdClub, but be sure to give them the password so they’ll know you’re with AdClub. Enjoy some yummy frozen yogurt and bring your friends!

Password: Don Draper

We are giving you 15 POINTS if you attend this percentage night (which is more than attending a normal meeting)! This will help you accumulate membership points so that you can attend the agency tour and participate in our shadow day program. Make sure you save your receipt and bring it to our next meeting after this (on 10/1) to receive points!





Yo Dawgs
723 Baxter Street Athens, GA 30605
(706) 546-8477

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