Inbound Marketing Workshop with HW Creative Marketing | September 22

With tests abounding you don’t need any more vocab words to learn. Luckily, tonight’s AdClub meeting wasn’t a dull PowerPoint on Inbound Marketing. It was a hands-on, interactive learning experience! HW Creative Marketing sent Richie Knight to us lucky students to learn what inbound marketing is all about.
The gist would be that inbound marketing is a two-way relationship between advertisers and consumers. That funny Taco Bell tweet? Inbound marketing at work.
But since tonight was a workshop, the definition was only the beginning. After he walked us through the terminology surrounding inbound marketing, we proceeded to fill out a persona development worksheet. Hey, it may sound like homework, but it was fun way to explore the concept. We built a buyer persona for a potential AdClub member, which really made the idea relevant and helped it to stick. There’s no substitute for hands-on experience.
We then discussed how personas can be used to better communicate with consumers directly. As a group we walked through how to use lifecycle stages to communicate with the persona we each made. It was neat stuff.
And this all isn’t just a ploy to make you want to come to workshops: it really was interesting. Cross our hearts and hope to die, it was fun! Didn’t think you would hear that with a topic like the name “inbound marketing,” did you? Well, goes to show you can’t judge a topic by its infographic.

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